Friday, February 21, 2014


I follow quite a few Authors and Bloggers and while few give shouts and props to each other by posting banners and other things I haven't come across one that has a place dedicated full time to all of them. The banners come and go and they're there temporarily and then they're forgotten and replaced with someone else so I decided to make a Banner Blog of my own that I could tag up with as many Author banners as I wanted that I could keep up as long as I like without having to take them down to make room for the new.

This page is dedicated to all the authors that strive so hard to supply their readers with such fabulous stories. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with the rest of the world.

Don't see an author you like or know an author that should be posted? Send me shout with your authors name, website and banner and I'll add him/her to the list!

vivi anna

laxmi hariharan

lacey silks

valerie twombly

lena bourne

bethany lopez

nina croft

lynn viehl

Elizabeth Chandler

jb mcgee

susan sizemore

devon monk

delilah devlin

jennifer weiner

savannah russe

kate douglas

renea mason

julia quinn

Ashley March

lucy monroe

Alexi Lawless

nina bruhns

jessica lauryn

adrienne dewolfe

gabrielle bisset

kresley cole

leia shaw

suzanne brockmann

jennifer lowery

christy reece

tori scott

amber kallyn

margo maguire

sydney rye

hywela lyn

lily harlem

jocelynn drake

anne rice

gabrielle holly

gemma halliday

maya banks

addison fox

genevieve bergeron

maria v snyder

shana abe

vampire academy

jessica scott

declan sands

rhian cahill

cathie dunn

jenna black

angela knight

kacey hammell

sandra bunino

Lesa Fuchs Carter

megan slayer

wendi zwaduk

marie hall

luanne rice

katherine stone

lisa childs

jennifer blake

suzanne rock

michele hauf

patricia rice

dakota cassidy

janelle denison

maggie shayne

alyssa day

debbie macomber

carla swafford

sherry thomas

vicki pettersson

rebecca york

zoe archer

ta grey

victoria vane

candace sams

patti oshea

magan vernon

margo bond collins

elizabeth hunter

dale mayer

wendy knight

mia madison

shona husk

tonya kappes

anna bloom

zoe york